Three Months of Saturdays: Part III

Three Months of Saturdays: Part III

February 24, 2018 – Ubud, Bali

There were some themes in there that I skipped. Yesterday’s was “what does it feel like to go into the unknown?” I may write about that now, maybe at some other point. But what I do want to write about now is my whole experience at the yoga retreat.

Balinese man in front of temple

It was so nourishing to be surrounded by women all week. To be surrounded by the Balinese, who are the most loving people I’ve ever met. To not do anything all week that didn’t serve me. That might sound selfish, but it wasn’t. I cared for myself the way I usually care for everyone else. Actually, I maybe gave a fraction of what I usually give to others to myself. It was wonderful. I looked around the room last night and felt a deep connection with and respect for everyone there.

Apparently, many people at this retreat had been in a “women’s circle” before. I hadn’t. But let me tell you, it feels good. To be able to share openly. To know that the faces looking back at you had similar experiences. To know that they’ll support you without judgment. It’s a great feeling. I hope I find myself in another women’s circle before too long.

Inside a Balinese hut with yoga mats and orange cushionsI also feel more able to hear my inner voice than I was before. Which goes to show that it helps to be still, to care for yourself, to take the time to prioritize yourself. I’ve gotten outwardly much better at speaking up over the past 5-10 years, but I still have work to do on inwardly speaking up. It seems like it should be easier, but it’s not. There are a lot of external expectations that bounce around inside your head. Really, they have no place there. I’d like to work on getting them out.

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