My Money Story: Part VI

My Money Story: Part VI

I’m 34 years old, graduated with honors from one of the top-15 universities in the world, have a “real job”, and I’m broke. This is the story of how I did everything I thought I was “supposed” to do and still found myself 100K in debt and moving back home (to my aunt & uncle’s). Want to start from the beginning? Go to My Money Story: Can I Have A Do-Over?

June 23, 2018

I started packing today. It was completely unintentional. 

I was trying to organize things to figure out what I could take up to my aunt and uncle’s early, just to get it out of the house. It just so happened there was a tall storage cube in that closet that I wanted to sell and the only way to get it out of the closet was to put everything it was holding in a box. 

The first box of my new, more simple life. 

While I’m not a hoarder (I’ve moved too many times – I know better), I do have things that I’ve kept for sentimental purposes. My thesaurus is one. 

I had to talk myself out of putting it in a box to pack. Yes, I know this seems ridiculous. It’s easy to find a thesaurus online. In fact, I use the thesaurus online and can’t remember the last time I picked up this one to find a word. So it’s not lost on me that lugging around a thick thesaurus doesn’t make much sense. 

But, what if the one word I need is in there? The one that made sense during the time THAT thesaurus was published but is no longer included in more recent (online) versions. I mean, my whole entire life could depend on that one word. 

That’s a lot of pressure for one thesaurus. Now do you see why I’m struggling with not packing it?

On a more positive note, I’ve had some luck with Operation Sell All My Things.

Here’s what I’ve sold thus far:

Total revenue: $520
– total costs: $33.99
= net income: $486.01

By the way, I use the terms “revenue” and “net income” VERY loosely. It’s not like I got these things for free – I paid for them at some point.

Selling Highlights

IKEA Chaise Lounge

Sold to a home stager who was selling a condo. I had to help him lift it into the back of a pickup truck.

Bedside Tables

My neighbor found these in the alley a few months ago and was going to throw them away. The table tops were fairly scratched up, but none of them were deep so they’d be easy to resurface for someone who knows how. The hardware looked new. The couple that bought them was super sweet.

MAC Pro Train Makeup Case

I would have sold this for $20. I NEVER thought I’d get more than that – it was 20 years old. However, when I started doing research I found people listing them for $150+ used. I tried listing it for that amount for a while, then decided I just wanted to sell it and dropped it to $75. I sold it the next day for $50. I was actually waiting for the couple to come pick up the bedside tables when the buyer emailed me and said they were interested. I ended up finishing this transaction before the bedside table couple even showed up.

SoulCycle Apparel

Like I mentioned in my crash course on selling, eBay is typically the best place to sell brand name clothing – especially when it’s new with tags (NWT). I loved these shirts and had a hard time letting them go. But, I’d had them for months and never wore them and, more importantly, I need money to move. Priorities.

While $486.01 may seem like a lot of money (and it is, generally speaking), my rent is upwards of $2,000/month and I have at least one more month to pay for. Also, the last time I moved it cost me $800, so I’d like to have at least that much when moving day comes, just in case.

Bottom line is, I’m grateful I’ve been able to sell what I’ve sold, but I have a long way to go.

Want to know how this whole thing started?

Go to My Money Story: Can I Have a Do-Over to start from the beginning.

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